Under New Ownership

2019 brings a few changes to the Klump Pump company. Purchased by Jerry Vice of High Sierra Fire, the headquarters has been moved to Janesville, CA in northeastern California with a few of the units remaining in central California for quicker deployment to southern areas. We have also dropped the Uni-Engine name that was previously used and simplified it to The Klump Pump as a more recognizable name honoring, Jim Klump, the inventor of these unique units. 


Under new ownership, we promise to always have the same determined mindset in making safety and quality our primary focus while still working hand in hand with Jim to provide agencies with a reliable tool to aid in battling the ever-growing threat of wildfires for years to come.

The Klump Pump: A Tactical Advantage, A Logistical Solution

Consisting of a water tank, pump, and storage area built within a highly transportable and self-leveling frame, it is the smart answer to a tactical problem facing wildland firefighting crews in remote and not so remote locations everywhere. 

The design is simple, built for utility. It can be easily delivered by a pickup or helicopter and set up within minutes. Simplicity allows for the firefighter to be putting their attention where it is needed, fighting fire, and not on a complex piece of apparatus. The Klump Pump fills a niche which has up to this time been filled by non-standard tank pumping systems. The Klump Pump will not replace these systems, but buy operations people time to set them up.

Built for Speed: Airlift or Drive to Site​
Offers a Greater Margin of Safety

Having hose-delivered water and additives offer a greater degree of safety to line personnel. The system can be used to reinforce certain safety zones. Helicopter flight time thru the use of The Klump Pump also reduces exposure to helicopter and pilot.


Better Fire Containment = Better Cost Containment!

This system puts hose-delivered water plus additives where it has not been before. Do the math on cutting containment and mop-up costs on various sized fires. 

I recommend operations personnel consider pre-ordering The Klump Pump. There are currently eleven machines on-line with two more under construction. Last fire season we were unable to fill several orders due to them being committed.


Proven Effectiveness

The 2006 and 2007 fire seasons showed the potential of The Klump Pump. Many people worked with us and gave us valuable input to future design and operations. The Klump Pump was used in several different ways:

  • As engine fills on remote sections of dozer line 

  • In support of burn-out operations 

  • As a fixed pumping station on a road filled by water tenders 

  • As the primary defense on a critical section of indirect line 

  • As an initial attack and mop-up tool on remote lightning fires 

For information about how it was used, be sure to check out our Reviews  page!

For Immediate Deployment